Like all designers, Leeder Cruisers uses computer technology in the complexity of design features, giving greater accuracy overall, ensuring structural integrity for the tough conditions they face, in particular their home base Indian Ocean off Western Australia.
  Laminations are of solid fibreglass combined with woven rovings and unilateral cloth where specified. All moored hulls are coated with a 4mm Vinepester Resin layer, giving extra protection. Gelcoat is high gloss-high grade lustre finish extending surface life and durability.
  Frame spacing panel sizing and thicknesses are calculated to handle conditions and the rigid Australian and U.S.L. building codes, using precut foam formers and timber cores, giving an extremely strong but flexible chassis.
Another Leeder Cruiser being moved safely to the assembly area.
  Preparation goes on, preparing the hull/bilge area for spraying with epoxy giving a glossy, easy to clean engine room and protecting the fibreglass from fuels and foreign substances.
  Engine installation and major machinery being installed prior to deck assembly fitment.
  Each module is crafted and assembled off the boat. Doors and drawers are prefitted prior to lacquer application in the Spray Booth. To prevent damage, the prefitted and finished doors and drawers are installed last.
  An instrument console prewired and assembled ready for final installation to another Sportiva.
  Electrical systems wired and colour coded.

Leeder Cruisers
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Western Australia
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Back in the 1950s, the Piesse family began building custom-designed timber lapstrake boats in Fremantle, Western Australia. Within two or three years, they began to build in fibreglass, which at the time was new and experimental technology. In 1973, the Piesse family's Leeder Marine began building a range of radically designed fibreglass boats, and these evolved into new and exciting styles that gained wide popularity and set the company on a sound foundation.

From its modest beginnings, the company has grown and prospered and now has 30,000 square feet of covered factory floor space and employs 55 tradespeople, as well as supporting many outside sub-contractors. Leeder has built an array of craft, from 6-metre recreational family cruisers to 16 -metre lobster fishing boats. From government patrol boats and work boats to custom-made cruisers that are exported around the world.
Those who love mucking about in boats have found it easy to spot a Leeder cruiser because of its distinctive appearance. Leeder were among the first to incorporate an all-interior fibreglass liner that made maintenance easy and kept its smooth finish.
Leeder's team of young, enthusiastic designers, using innovative construction techniques and materials, have launched the company into an exciting future with the new Sportiva models. These include the Sportiva 290, the Tomcat, and the Phantom.
Every Leeder Cruiser is water tested and certified. All fuel tanks are manufactured and pressure-tested in excess of the required standards, and removable stainless steel strainers prevent foreign matter entering the lines. Top grade 316 stainless steel rails are precision-welded, adding strength and durability. The aim is to give every Leeder Cruiser beautiful, gentle lines and a stunning appearance. Combining the clever use of space, quality upholstery and fittings, with superior performance.
All Leeder Cruisers are protected by a 5-year structural warranty for workmanship and integrity. Other manufacturers' individual warranties apply to engines, electronics, equipment and specified materials.
Custom made additions to suit a client's special request or features can be made available within the boundaries of the moulded standard design.
Our pledge to Leeder Cruiser owners: Should your local dealer not be able to handle the warranty to satisfaction, Leeder will ensure the warranty will be accepted by our own nominated technician in your area.